Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Live to 120?

Live to 120
Why you should want to live until you are 120. When I tell seniors that I want to be 120 many ask me why do I want to put up with being old longer. Hopelessly accepting old age as a disease causes most of the problems endured by seasoned citizens. Available for us to recharge our hope of a healthy, pain free aging experience is an ever increasing list of research pointing out lifestyle changes proven to improve our health. While these research findings point out scientific fact we have long known that many people were living healthy and happy into their 90s and beyond. Most of us have realized that poor diet and sedentary habits lead to disease and body pain. No big surprises, but specific facts can often help us overcome our natural tendencies to indulge to much and too often accompanied with avoiding even simple exercise.

  Dr. Preethi Srikanthan, an assistant clinical professor in the endocrinology division at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA , stated "As there is no gold-standard measure of body composition, several studies have addressed this question using different measurement techniques and have obtained different results," Srikanthan said. "So many studies on the mortality impact of obesity focus on BMI. Our study indicates that clinicians need to be focusing on ways to improve body composition, rather than on BMI alone, when counseling older adults on preventative health behaviors." The study was conducted between 1988 and 1994 with a followup in 2004. They measured muscle mass index and compared mortality rates between the various levels of muscle mass among the study groups. They concluded that muscle mass seems to be an important predictor of death.

Flexibility and cardiovascular exercise remain extremely important but the results of this study encourage anyone who wants to improve their survivability to adopt an exercise program which will increase and maintain muscle mass. This means adopting a progressive resistance exercise program.

Back to wanting to live to 120. Imagine not needing to take any medications, not having any medical “conditions”, not suffering from pain, being able to do any activity you want to do. For those who answer that this is already what they are experiencing I plead, please share you success with other seasoned citizens. For those who think that this is too good to be true I admit that getting there is not easy, that is the price, hard work and sacrificing many pleasures. About those pleasures, they are the foods which contribute to human disease and I will save that discussion for another time. The pleasures are anything that takes us away from a healthy lifestyle. To those who say that they enjoy these pleasures too much to live without them I say that you have your choice to enjoy them until you die but if you were to shift your pleasures to lifestyle choices designed to improve and prolong your life expectancy, then you could enjoy your pleasures even longer.

Why do I want to live to 120? I have yet to do everything I want to do plus I enjoy watching my children and grandchildren live and grow. What do I include in my list of what I want to do? Like anyone who has discovered wonderful insights about living a happy, healthy, fulfilling life I want to learn more and share the knowledge so that others will benefit. This idea has far reaching possibilities. Here I am writing about better health but others who could live longer and thus have more influence are working to reduce poverty, crime, hate, etc. If more of the people who are succeeding at improving our world were to have longer to make the changes for which they are working then the world would be a better place. Although not scientific, my observation is that most of the people who are part of the causes of the problems are less likely to make the necessary lifestyle choices. This is sort of an evolutionary occurrence where the people who foster positive change survive while those who foster negative change diminish until they become extinct. Overly simplified? Perhaps, but the biggest accomplishments consist of several simple parts. Lets enjoy our lives choosing to seek improvement instead of contributing to the ugly alternatives.


How much do you exercise? and why is that enough?

What do you use to measure your healthiness?

Who is a healthy person you admire and why?

Place your answers in the comments below.


  1. Right now my only exercise is keeping up with 4 Littles who are 5 years and under I'm trying to get at least 3000 steps in a day! I have read that we're supposed to be able to get 10,000 steps in a day but I have yet to hit that and it's some days I would be happy to get 10,000 steps in a week! I don't think that it's enough exercise and I'd like to find a way during the winter especially to exercise with my littles and still keep up with my household and have the energy! This last summer and fall I did pretty good we have a zoo pass and went there often with them and walked and walked. I measure my healthiness by how I feel and my energy level if my energy level is down or I feel cruddy I know I haven't been eating well and or getting enough sleep and exercise and I need to do more. I'm not sure who I admire the most that's healthy I admire my brothers who exercise and stay fit I admire my uncle who does marathons I think that's awesome! I guess one of the reasons I admire them is they find a way to do it around all the busy crazy hecticness of life which is my goal!

  2. 4 under 5 is a marathon everyday so give yourself lots of credit. Everything has a season. But don't back off of your goal to reach at least 3000 steps a day. Hit that goal and then find a way to go past it. Partner with someone who can be your be your "accountability Partner". A hubby or friend who cares about you, especially if they will share the goal and work on it with you. This is worth a little extra effort and later you will thank yourself for finding a way. I can tell you that as those 4 little ones get older your schedule will become even more hectic. Essential that you figure out how to get some "me" time and take care of you now so you can continue to take care of them in the super way you do.