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Ana Martinez

Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Sister, Friend

Ana's Story

Ana Martinez was a strong woman who overcame great adversity.  As she got older, she developed rheumatoid arthritis.  When doctors told her would require knee replacement surgery her daughters searched for an excellent surgeon and excepted the routine surgery who help her get back to the activities she loved.  


Their heartbreaking journey began the day their mother died unexpectedly after contracting Covid 19 at our Lady of Consolation in West Islip, NY.  Vivian and Alexa were told she was healthy and safe, when all the while she was clinging to life, struggling to breathe. The nursing home’s omissions and blatant lies played a part in the sisters’ harrowing struggle to find answers. Their mother’s untimely death has fueled their tireless efforts to hold healthcare workers and government officials accountable and pursue real change so that no senior citizen or family will have to endure the pain they did.

Major Issues:
  • Kept family in the dark when she contracted Covid.

  • Doctor refused testing for minor issue before her scheduled discharge that the daughters had to pressure the doctor to perform.

  • Seeing Ana's condition worsen they did not provide adequate and quick enough care that led to her death.

Their advice:

After their painful experience they offer families a few suggestions.  Firstly, if you are able search for homecare options before placing your loved one in a long-term care facility.  If you have no other alternative keep good notes with any issues you may have at the facility. Include dates, times, who you spoke to, time it took to resolve if the issue was resolved and take photos, video or audio so you have verifiable proof.

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