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How It All Began

Voices For Seniors held their first Operation Christmas Senior in December 2020 months after experiencing the pain and loss of their parents.

Our initial goal was to deliver gifts to one local nursing home in honor of our moms and dads. To our surprise the response was so overwhelming we were able to give gifts to 7 facilities focusing on seniors with no family in New York and New Jersey.  Since then, we have expanded our efforts and blessed more seniors than we ever thought possible, we hope you will consider being part of bringing smiles to seniors.


Collection & Donations


The safety of the seniors and long-term care residents is the top of our priority.  Please click here to learn more about what items are safe for donation.

Sorting & Delivery

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Besides working on legislation to help protect our seniors we are blessed to give back to our elderly.  Nothing has brought us more joy than to see the smiles on their faces.  Hope you join us. 

What to Give?

Image by Jordan Bigelow

We suggest starting with one main gift such as a throw blanket, slippers, pajamas to make an impactful impression when the package is opened.  Additionally, we include hygiene items and games.  Please see our gift suggestion lists using the link below.

Wrapping & Packing

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Most of our wrapping takes place the closer we get to the Christmas season.  If you are interested in volunteering please join our online groups on Facebook, Instagram or register on our website for updates.

How to Participate?

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Volunteering with Operation Christmas Senior can take many forms but has one purpose—to share with seniors and residents of long-term care facilities the love of Christ and let them know they are not forgotten. 

When to Donate?


Savvy shoppers know that it’s never too early to start shopping, and fundraising for gifts for our seniors. By collecting and preparing gifts all year long wrapping and processing is that much easier.

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