Ana Celia Martinez

Ana C. Martinez was born in October of 1941, she was loved by her family and friends. She needed knee replacement surgery in the summer of 2019, Ana and her family thought she was soon going to resume her normal activities. Despite the knee replacement, she was still experiencing back pain and ended up developing an abscess in her leg that led to an evaluation at a neighboring hospital in West Islip, New York. The hospital kept her for a few days to treat her with antibiotics. After a five day stay on January 8th, 2020, she was sent to Our Lady of Consolation also in West Islip for additional rehabilitation therapy for her legs.

Ana and her family were expecting her to be at this facility for 4 to 6 weeks. On January 22nd, 2020 the family was meeting with staff to discharge her home. A four to six-week stay for additional physical therapy dragged on to three and a half months. When the coronavirus arrived the nursing home/rehab facility shut it's doors to visitors and reassured the family Ms. Martinez would be safe. Her daughters, Vivian and Alexa, continued to pressure the facility and the insurance company to get her back home to the comforts of her apartment. Sadly, it is believed that she contracted the coronavirus days before she was going to be discharged. Her daughters had no suspicion that their mother was ill and as Ana became sicker and sicker they believed the nurses and staff when they were convinced their mother was "fine". This gave her daughters a false sense of encouragement that their mother perhaps had a simple cold or the flu. On Friday, March 27th, 2020 they receive a call that their mother was finally going home, elated and relieved they started making preparations to receive her at her apartment. However, as each hour and day passed their mother became increasingly ill to the point that 24 hours before their mother arriving home she was unable to speak on the phone. The daughters insisted and asked the staff what was going on with their mother and were still reassured that their mother's vitals and condition were, "fine". The Monday that Ana Martinez was supposed to finally be home she ended up with a collapsed lung and went into respiratory distress and was soon on a respirator when she was finally treated at the neighboring hospital.

Her daughters were baffled and confused about how their mother was going to go home when all along she had contracted a deadly virus and were not informed by the staff at Our Lady of Consolation. Ms. Martinez died two days later, leaving her daughters in absolute shock and despair. The heartbreak these ladies experienced fueled the movement, VoicesForSeniors an organization whose aim to fight for the vulnerable whose care has been substandard and often criminal.