Bill Krill

The nursing home my brother Bill was at went on lockdown. I arrived just in time with his cheese puffs to see him across the yellow barrier and to blow him kisses. 

All non emergency appointments were stopped. Until Monday and my brother was taken to the clinic for a routine, non essential EKG.  NO MASK, no contact with his physicians, but taken out in the middle of the Pandemic. He returned only to develop a fever, a cough a week later. They didn’t test him. I called the nurse and finally the administration to ask for a Covid-19 test but he only had two symptoms and not three and they would not test him. A few more days passed and I asked a second time.  Finally his nurse practitioner called to say he was being tested. I asked why he was sent out and she replied he hadn’t.  I had to correct her.  She was shocked.  At 2 AM I received the news my brother indeed had Covid-19.  They took him to the hospital where he declined rapidly. The prognosis was that he was not likely to recover. I had to say goodbye to my big brother on Face Time on my cell phone. He passed away alone in his hospital room. A part of my heart passed away too.  In his honor I created a pin to honor Bill and others impacted by Covid-19.