Daniel Alvino

Daniel Alvino (76), went to Our Lady of Consolation to rehabilitate a neck surgery. He was neglected and made to sit in his waste for hours, eat with his face down in a dish like an animal because no one would help him, and didn't even have his teeth brushed for weeks. We called repeatedly and had a very difficult time getting information. We were called on 3/23 and told that someone in his unit had COVID (I have the voicemail). When we finally spoke to the nurse practitioner , she swore up-and-down that my Husband had no contact with this person and he was in no danger of catching COVID. He was exhibiting COVID symptoms-fevers, shortness of breath and they sent him home to us sick. They did not tell us he was a "COVID Suspect" with symptoms; it was on paperwork buried in an envelope. He was very ill when released on 3/30 and collapsed on my driveway. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with COVID and died a horrible death on 4/14.

Me, my Son,my Daughter, and her Boyfriend, who all cared for him, developed COVID in the days that followed. We were all working from home and had been in perfect health until Our Lady of Consolation knowingly released him to us sick (as per his paperwork). I am happy to say we all survived.

I want nothing more than to prevent another family from living the Hell on Earth my family has had to endure. The pain we have been in is immeasurable. My Husband was a Vietnam Veteran who would give his last dollar to help anyone in need. When he was a football coach, he bought a young player who was impoverished, equipment so he could be on the team.

God bless you all...our loved ones are with us and will help us get justice.