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Three Easy Ways to Get the Support of Your Elected Officials 

#1 Call Them

The first step in seeking the support of your elected official is with a simple phone call.  All elected officials have or once had elders in their family and may be a great supporter of the mission of Voices For Seniors.  Be mindful that they are often very busy, so please be courteous and respectful. If you aren't sure who your local representatives are please use the link provided to look them up.

#2 Send an Email

The second step in seeking the support of your elected officials is to send them an email.  This simple step is good way to make initial contact as well if a phone call feels intimidating.  Starting with the officials that are closest to you is the best place to start.  Please refer to the basic email template when reaching out to officials via email.

#3 Schedule a Meeting

Having a meeting with your local officials is a great opportunity to share our concerns, stories and gain support.  If you would like someone from our team to sit with you in a virtual meeting, please send us an email and we will assist you in getting the meeting scheduled and a member of our team will accompany you (virtually).   

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