Organization Description 

  • VoicesForSeniors is a true grassroots movement, founded by two sisters, Alexa Rivera and Vivian Zayas. They lost their mother on April 1st, 2020 unexpectedly, and had many decisions to make as a result. One decision they made was to pursue accountability and justice for the seniors that lost their lives in long-term care facilities through the policies of our Governors.  Additionally, they have heard and seen the pain and neglect that other families and their elderly loved ones are experiencing and have chosen to find ways to assist to the best of their ability.

Our Mission

  • Their mission is to gain accountability for the seniors whose death was precipitated not only due to the Covid19 pandemic but also directly caused by the policies of various Governors and administrators.


  • We are also interested in the protection of seniors from abuse and neglect in our nation's nursing homes, regardless of internal or external circumstances.


  • Our social media platforms provide a place where families can share experiences and gain information to ensure the safety and respect our seniors deserve. 

Job Description

  • Nurture new and old relationships with families who have seniors in long term care facilities or those currently caring for a senior citizen at home.

  • Assist in the organization of special events.

  • Assist our online networking efforts (ie..Facebook, Twitter, Parler and other platforms to increase visibility)


  • Dependable and empathetic 

  • A member of our main Facebook group

  • Comfortable organizing events and connecting with people

  • You are comfortable donating or raising funds to cover expenses

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