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Who We Are

VoicesForSeniors was founded by two sisters, Vivian Rivera Zayas and Alexa Rivera. Their heartbreaking journey began the day their mother died unexpectedly in a Long Island nursing home. Ana Martinez, who was due to be released, suffered under the care of that nursing home after contracting COVID-19. Vivian and Alexa were told she was healthy and safe, when all the while she was clinging to life, struggling to breathe. The nursing home’s omissions and blatant lies played a part in the sisters’ harrowing struggle to find answers. Their mother’s untimely death has fueled their tireless efforts to hold healthcare workers and government officials accountable, and pursue real change so that no senior citizen or family will have to endure the pain they did. We welcome you to join their journey in giving our seniors a voice.




“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

Tia Walker




 The mission of VoicesForSeniors is to significantly improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable, elderly communities through grassroots initiatives and advocacy for protective legislation and reform.


VoicesForSeniors uses online resources and social media to change the public’s perspective on senior citizens, and to educate others about the shortcomings of nursing homes and current protective legislation.  

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